Friday, July 24, 2020

Water Pool

Une petite cascade, c'est bien, mais avoir aussi une idée de ce que donne les zones immergées, ce serait mieux. Alors bin j'ai ressorti mon Gimp pour essayer ça. Je peux dire que les "mares" de la Green Hill Zone de Sonic Mania ont agi comme un déclic.

Having a sweet waterfall is nice. But where is all that water going to ? How should I render water in Bilou's Dream Land ? (I want to have some!) ... I knew I had to give it a try for some time, and then I played Sonic Mania. They have some and I was struck by how simple they've done it. So I went for something similar (esp. on the surface)

  • il faudra prévoir un effet "wobbling", horizontal comme vertical. 1 ou 2 pixels devrait suffire
  • les p'tites bulles font une fameuse différence.
  • les blocs solides peuvent facilement avoir une couleur plus proche du vert.
The palette-swap alone won't be enough, I'm afraid. The mockup above only turned convincing after I added little bubbles (these will be sprites, obviously) and some wobbling effect.

Unless it is required to make the water level change over the level, I shouldn't have to rely on interrupts to swap palettes. Just adjusting the palette of the background tiles in the editor should be enough.

The wobbling, however, will better work if I have some H-SYNC-ed DMA reprogrramming the horizontal and vertical scrolling registers. That means it will be tricky to mix water and non-water background on the same "scanline"... I'll have to check the existing level layout to see whether this is an issue.

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