Friday, June 28, 2013

Incoming week-end ?

I cannot tell yet whether there will be significant development this week-end. I had a sort of marking-hangover last week-end and I barely managed to fix some bounding boxes and import some "school2.cmd" level to support the 20-year-old map I want to revive.

Ça ne donne pas l'air de bouger fort, hein, ces dernières semaines. En fait, j'avais commencé à ajouter les gommes sauteuses le week-end dernier pour me rendre compte qu'il y a toujours un sale défaut dans l'éditeur de niveau qui a tendance à bousiller la liste des monstres à chaque sauvegarde. Si je parviens malgré les valises que je traîne sous mes paupières à faire un peu de développement sur le projet Bilou ce week-end, ce sera donc très certainement dans 'LEDS' pour modifier la structure de données qui maintient le "gobscript" en mémoire ...

I'd have loved to include the pendat over the week, but I still have a dormant bug in LEDS which has been left pending since Easter's fixes. Now I need it fixed or I'll have to beam level scripts to the PC and back after every save to fix duplicate "gob% := state% (x,y)" statements.

Meanwhile, I had a nice idea for editing such blocks of text in a convenient fashion ... which led to an alternate design for processing the .cmd files that could solve the issue with monsters duplication. So if something happens in the svn tonight, it's likely to take place here.

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