Sunday, July 18, 2010

Synopsis reloaded

sm-IMG_1724 Voilà donc un exemple de "synopsis" ... le feu et l'eau ont trouvé leur place, idem pour la "castle zone", dont j'ai enfin trouvé les antagonistes. Il reste pas mal de zones "creuses", dont seul le nom est défini. "sky road, lost temple, hills top" etc. Mais globalement, l'exercice a étéfertile, et plus facilement exploitable que les "world maps" d'un ancien projet: "Rock Story"

So here's the first attempt on a synopsis. There are still many "placeholders", but fire, technical, water, sky, temple and stuff found their place. Last time I did such an attempt on "game design", it was for the "Rock Story" lost project, which my brother never found interesting. In some sense, the "willy-inspired" game map sounds like a better tool than Donkey Kong Country-inspired "world maps".

'Finding Map' by CyborgJeff related tune


cyborgjeff said...

et même musicalement inspirante :)

aderack said...

Hey. I have noticed a bunch of references on this blog to Recreational Software Designs' Game-Maker. You even seem to have some modern tools to manipulate RSD's file formats. Unfortunately I neither speak nor read French, so I'm not exactly sure what you're doing.

What is your experience with RSD's Game-Maker, and what are these new tools that you have discussed?

PypeBros said...

@aderack: I suggest you give a look at the Game Maker track. The tools I developed can extract information out of .BBL, .MON and (partly) .GAM files and e.g. produce a tileset bitmap of a given .BBL file or render a whole .map file with monsters overlaid.

The tools themselves are perl scripts, that you invoke from the command line, so once you've got PERL installed on your system, they should work whatever that system is.

As for my experience with RSD, we used it alot with my brother and some friends (the "PPP Team"), mostly to produce platformers with funny clones of famous characters. This blog speaks a bit (and provides screenshot of) Badman, twinbee and Biokid.

Hope that makes things clearer ;)

PypeBros said...