Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tileset Headaches ...

I'm getting into the business of letting SEDS (and friends) deal with +64K of data in a tileset. Among other things, i want to be able to "flag" certain data as being part of "an extra tileset", desipte they belong to the same file. This is handy e.g. for animations. And i also need block-erasing features, which asks for more "memory management" than i had so far (barely watermarking :P) Yet, i need to be able to edit levels, too, which means i'm not totally free to "rearrange" the tilesets (at least, not the "master" one that will be loaded in VRAM).

Related todo-items :

Which in turns introduces :
  • [done] a new class for managing some memory
  • [done] a new section in .SPR files to indicate which blocks are free for reuse in an editor

(btw, it's quite frightening to see how many posts i have with "dangling todo items" :P)

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