Wednesday, April 01, 2020

The Dreamland Map

I'm reaching the last pages of my plan-your-things notebook. It helped a lot completing both real-world and hobby projects. I've got more books available to take over, but I also need to make sure I won't miss contents of the 2019 book when I'll be hanging around with the 2020 book. That's why the 'todo maps' are on flying sheets rather than on proper pages.

Maybe there are things I should blog for remembering. Clearly there are things I should doxygen...

There are things I still need to blog in there. Notes I've taken about SNES hardware, for instance, and similar hardware features from the NDS which I haven't used yet.

And then, there are game analysis things, which are totally unrelated to tools & engine development, but which I'd like to bring into the 'design class'. Those, hopefully, will not be missing if I don't have them around in the new book.

You see, having the dsgametools code around in a e-boox is nice, but I need some additional place to "think out loud", and with my eyes not liking using screen more than 10 hours/day, it cannot only be this blog anymore. That's what the notebooks are for ;)

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