Wednesday, December 04, 2019

visual ...

  • objdump equivalent in VS world is DUMPBIN. mingw objdump (elf) will not work on msvc objects (coff), and djgpp's coff tool won't work either (MS-DOS executables no longer running on 64-bit systems).
  • /GL is your archenemy if you planned any guru meditation on .obj files. It will kill about everything the file may have as meta-information, including symbol tables. How one can still link such files has not yet been researched
  • If you ever see 'Rtl*' in some windows code, stop thinking about RealTech(Tek?) network cards. This is just Run Time Library, doing weirdo wrappers around standard functions such as memcpy for whatever reasons. Have a look in wdm.h or google the function name to find where it is defined.
  • it may be sensitive to MIDL_PASS, _MEMCPY_INLINE_ and _CRTBLD
  • There is no /Ldirectory_path in (my setup of?) link.exe, but it is sensitive to the %LIB% environment variable.
  • The amount of information /VERBOSE produces on link.exe explains why we don't see anything in the map file unless things went ok
  • It looks like sysinternals is now an official MS resource for system monitoring. It's just ... Dudes, did you really had to sell its documentation ?
  • I won't ever maintain a .sln file in parallel with the SConscript that built the binary I want to debug because I know devenv /debugexe TakeOverTheWorld.ex
  • don't forget to disable VS Code tracking & telemetry options if you dare to use that.

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PypeBros said...

And don't forget ssh -R 19999:localhost:22 sourceuser@ may be useful to use SSH tunnels the other way round (just in case you don't want to deal with RDP every single time you connect)