Thursday, July 26, 2018

Madness? this is refactory !

Maybe you remember this picture, the first one I scanned with my iris mouse. Maybe you remember the times where I mentioned some more things in the collision engine needed a revision. At last, I'm at it.

When two objects collide, they need to have access to each other for some times until all the rules of their state machine have been evaluated. To do this, I used a "GobCollision" object, linking to the related objects, script variables and hit boxes (GobAreas). That was a nice first step towards clean design, but it still has some drawbacks, like using weird arrays of so-called "GobCollision" that each captured only one side of the collision, and copies into the array to somehow "swap" orders when the collision initiator finally runs the 'found' rule with the collided object as "other" (while it just was 'other' for the 'hit' rule on the collided object).

But I had a small extra "Swap()" call dangling around. With some odd effects on the game, as you can see. But hopefully, I just got it sorted out. Now I'll be ready to be gone with the "collision-specific variables" telling how much hitboxes overlap each other, which is currently stored as a game-wide static array, while it should really belong to the new, real collision state object.

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