Saturday, June 16, 2018

iris mouse to the rescue

It is pretty handy to have the boox to draw sketches, but I don't find them as nice as the one I draw on paper. . Plus, when I'm using the boox to read the code, I can't update notes too. If I ever try, I'll have to face a near-minute swapping time every time.

So as I found the 'IRIScan Mouse' near my boarding gate, I just bought it. It's pretty funny. It's a hand-moved scanner (like the very first one I had) but fit into a mouse, and it can do both ... on Windows at least.

So it won't really make the USB printer/scanner obsolete at home, but it will certainly be helpful at the office. it has pretty nice rendering of my tiny handscript, avoids doing JPEG-by-default (afaik) and makes export of captured files pretty easy.

Or well, it should have been useful. Unfortunately, plugging the dongle into my Windows7 workstation didn't let me use the scanner feature. The mouse remains unreachable through the WiFi.

On my Linux laptop, all I see is a USB device with vendor ID 274f (Systech Electronics, according to dmesg) and product ID c001 (Zcan Wireless). no text identification of the device. The "mouse" feature does work, though. but I don't get an additional WiFi interface. So what is in the dongle exactly ? Some forum post suggests it is using the uvcvideo driver. It indeeds gets loaded. It doesn't seem like the USB device offers multiple

The dongle could be featuring just one NRF LU1P16 chip (there's one additional 1101GE marking), possibly made by NORDIC, although I couldn't find such a chip in their catalog.

But the original manufacturer's manual is clear:
Scan function requires Wi-Fi connection between computer and Zcan Wireless directly. Please add a Wi-Fi adapter (802.11 n is recommended) if Wi-Fi function is not available in your computer
my workstation at the office doesn't have any WiFi, and the dongle won't provide it. It also explains why scanning would fail on the office's laptop I've used so far when I had wifi enabled. When I'm actually connected to a network with my WiFi, the scanner can no longer reconfigure the WiFi interface to communicate with the mouse. Looks like I'll have to do some more shopping ...

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