Monday, April 09, 2018

Tutorial revision goes on.

I reached the point where you can write very simple scripts and have them processed on the "tutorial" branch. Of course there isn't much follow-up at the moment despite the 3 forums on which I comment stuff. That doesn't really matter, although I'd love to get feedback on whether it reads well.

What is really interesting here is that it forces me to get rid of many odd things. Hopefully, that will lead to a code base that will be easier to extend. Things like "rules.gam", for instance.

Being busy reviewing the expressions system, for instance, make it obvious that some static array could be gone now that I have the gob collision structure. the "game counter al so cry for a refactoring out of the GameScript class. And making the 'guns/controllers' system easier to understand (esp. by automating the registration system) made it obvious that I need to re-think the way classes access the Camera object.

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