Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dear ImGUI,

I hope you enjoyed the week-end. It sure was a pleasure to have you around, and getting some pixels rendered without having to bother with ./configure, plugging events into sockets or any kind of new classes.

Sure, I wish you had time to stay for tea and I would have shown you my SpritePages, but I suppose that can be kept for another encounter. I'm pretty sure you and I are meant to meet each other pretty soon.

Everyone was amazed when you just returned "true" in the line of code that painted a new button. Imagine the face they'll have next time when we'll show them GobState representations live and pop up new windows as one explore the state machine...

Stay Safe,

PS: okay, the unit-tester requiring 32-bit (so that DS registers addresses are out of the .text segment) and SDL requiring 64-bit won't simplify early integration tests ... we'll find some workaround.

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