Monday, August 21, 2017

End of Cybook ?

After about 5 years of helpful operation, my e-ink device "cybook odyssey" seems to be definitely damaged. I cannot do more than a few minutes of reading before getting the system to reset. Sometimes even just clicking a link or trying to change the font size will jam the device. I tried a factory settings restore, but that only help for a few minutes.

And now the "gadget" class of the device really shows up. I have no logs that could point out the flaw, no way to access the critical components (namely the internal flash). The device as a whole will have to be recycled just because one component is weared out.

Mon Cybook me lache à nouveau. Trois ans après son passage en service-après-vente, mais sans espoir d'intervention de garantie, cette fois-ci. Me le réparerait-on de nouveau ? Peut-être. Est-ce que j'ai envie d'injecter encore de l'énergie dans un appareil que je ne peux empêcher de vieillir ? Pas franchement. Est-ce qu'il y a mieux à acheter ? Peut-être si je suis prêt à lâcher 300€ pour un modèle Androïd-à-encre-électronique.

So what ? Shall I replace it with another one, with slightly increased screen resolution, take advantage that I know the beast, including the annoying amount of time it takes to accurately select a phrase to highlight it (and risk having issues with memory again within a few years) ? Shall I pay up to 3 times the price for a device with stylus, android (including the ability to program my own tools on it), bluetooth, but unfortunately not the version of Android required to run the infamous "inkspace" application required for my bamboo spark ?

There is even 13" models, but they seem to be sold near 700$, not the 400$ I spot on alibaba. The same company makes 9" devices too, claimed to be half the price (which gets into the "expensive but affordable" category). Maybe I should wait for a few weeks and see whether that "ReMarkable" thing actually ships this august and at what price ?

None of these could be found in stores so far, but I had a look at a Kobo Aura One this afternoon, and it was quite sexy, with its all-flat front side. No stylus and no android (afaik), though.

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Sylvain Pypebros said...

* pas de styles de l'éditeur dans Boox,
* navigation un peu lente mais correcte, bons styles et pubs (pas trop insistantes) dans Bookari reader.
* plantage de moon+ quand j'essaie de suivre un lien
* FBReader semble bien s'en sortir sur tous les tableaux.Manip un peu longue pour revenir en arrière, mais elle ouvre une liste des dernières pages visitées. Le programme serait open source.