Thursday, August 22, 2013

runbox 0.8 then LEDS ...

That's the result of summer re-factory: runme can now be used to navigate the content offline, launching levels and tools, and pre-viewing pictures and musics (although some more regression testing on those last features would be welcome). The top-screen show me where I am, what the current filter pattern is (e.g. SC*.MAP) or the selected file once a file has been selected.

Now, I'd like to make Level Editor to benefit from these improvement as well. The "map filename" mechanism has been fairly disturbing lately. It lacks contextual re-naming/cloning of one map as already wished back in March.

So yeah, LEDS time again, but on the front end rather than on the back end.
  • [reverted] Having 'dirname' and 'typed text' on the top-screen MetaWindow is not such a good idea in LEDS: it makes noise on the level editor and could potentially corrupt the level.
  • [done] I'd need a "mapname" widget (not merely a button) that embeds file name, size (current or suggested) crop, drop and re-name sub-buttons.
  • [done] update cmd filename too, and make sure that new mapname is reflected in the saved cmd file.
  • [won't] Maybe GuiEvent should be completed with a BLUR event, when someone clicks another widget. RELEASE is "stroke started inside an object and ends outside", and complements CLICK ("stroke started inside and ending inside") but we have no complement to TOUCH ("new stroke starting inside.") -- but that might interfere with W_DIRECTORY events generated in the "PICKMAP" context >_<

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