Wednesday, August 21, 2013

10 minutes a day.

Sometimes I can't help looking backwards and tell to myslef "Doh! It's k weeks (months?) since I said that would be my next target, and I'm still far away from it! What the heck have I done with my time during those weeks?" ... That usually happen in times like now, when IRL stuff are crowding in my agenda -- either at the office or at home -- and barely leave me 10-minute sessions (2 of them if I'm lucky) to progress on my homebrew projects.

But don't we all have moments when we wish we had more time available ? Or would better control the way we spend our time ?


owen said...

breaks are always good so that we do not burn out and crash

PypeBros said...

@owen: true. I feel like I could use a second *real* one right now.