Tuesday, April 02, 2013

AnimEDS updates

Holly Bells! I don't think I've been waiting so hard for holidays since I graduated 0_0.
And to celebrate that, here's the new "running" animation built in AnimEDS. I also animated Spongebop and added a few animations to inkjet, but there seems to be issues with AnimEDS itself, and which slot it decides to save your current work to, so those got overwritten ...

Aah! Des vacances! enfin! Voilà une petite animation de Bilou occupé à courir réalisée dans AnimEDS. Profitez-en bien parce que je risque justement d'être occupé un bon moment à corriger le code d'AnimEDS qui me fait un peu trop de farces à mon goût. Du style "tiens, et si j'écrasais la dernière animation vue avec la dernière animation éditée avant d'enregistrer le fichier sur la carte mémoire }:-D"

Let's recap the required upgrades so far:

  • [1145] use some overlay to show which limb is currently pulled, and make sure pulls are properly reset when loading an animation.
  • [1141] fix thumbs in the thumblist. set them to the content of the first frame everytime an animation is saved if needed.
  • [1142] fix the multi-sprites thumb generation, and automatically set the scaling factor for the 16-32 pixel sizes used in Bilou when that would be enough (i.e. frame fits a 32x32 bounding box)
  • [done] ensure setting "delay=1" in the animation editor means 60 frames/second. Otherwise, "split" time doesn't work properly.
  • [done] ensure we can hide *all* the crosschairs so that frame editor isn't hiding things and can preview the animation nicely.
  • [tryit] don't pause on the "animation terminated" pseudo-frame, and directly hop to first frame, for smoother looped animation edition.
  • [dream] crosschair that gets its due alpha-blending. -- there's no support for Sprite/Sprite transparency.
  • [1143] allow edition of color 0 and use that to tune the background colours. 
  • [1146] ensure we don't overwrite data when we've just loaded a new .spr file
  • [1141] don't overwrite data when saving animations.

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