Wednesday, July 18, 2012

transanims: into the code

Maybe I should start a new branch once again: the amount of updates I brought to the code gets sensible, and it doesn't feel like it'd be a good idea to commit yet. The result is that I only keep on coding when I'm *the one* of my 3 daily computers which has the modified code :(

So far:

  • it should be possible to add 'pop' when importing an animation (anim%u = spr:%x) to indicate that the animation should be POPed when it's done
  • GobTransition has now a GobAnim field
  • CompoundGob will reload_state (actually, the animation) if a POP instruction is encountered.

I still have to decide how the code will install a GobAnim on GobTransitions, and how following the transition will set up the transanim on the gob.

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