Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A new Bilou is coming soon ...

here you go: new animations for Bilou under test. I still have lot of work to do before it gets really convincing, but it's clearly an animation improvement compared to the former, frame-by-frame animation, don't you think ?
  • [done]that makes too much frame to toy with manual mirroring of the animations
  • [done] all the animations are looping, which makes jumping look funny and the recovery infinitely long.
  • [done] I have animations that guide movements, but not yet movements that regulate the speed of animations.
  • [done]in "zoomed in mode", limb selection on the frame editor widget go completely crazy.
  • [found] Bilou shouldn't get stuck on the ground like that
  • [found] Why is nobody climbing up that ruler ?
  • Dumblador should not got stuck on structure' edges
  • [transanim] any statJ6->statJ6 transition reset the jump-take-off animation mid-air. I should have a way to tune that.
  • [done] make sure my foot stops hurting
Eh bien, voici donc ces nouvelles animations à l'oeuvre -- c'est fou tout ce qu'on peut animer en une petite journée d'immobilisation quand la batterie de la DS est bien chargée ^^. C'est encore loin d'être parfait -- sinon, j'aurais fait une "release SchoolTest", mais ça prend forme... et ça me rallonge ma liste de choses à corriger ^^"

Ah, oui. J'en ai profité pour corriger cette histoire d'encre animée. Chouettos, mais vu que Bilou ne grimpe plus le long de la latte, on ne sait plus aller voir ce que ça donne ^^'

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