Wednesday, November 30, 2011

release_name="svn SEDS r" REVISION ;

Once again, I ended up fighting on my DS with a tool (AnimEDS) that has a bug (timeline edition) I'm pretty sure I've addressed weeks ago. Question is: is the DS running the latest version or not ? well, except if I manage to re-create various versions of the software and compare their MD5 with the one on the DS ... hmmm ... unlikely to work with DLDI patching :-/

So I just acted at the source: modified the makefiles so that they extract the revision number from svn info and turn that into a C string I can display from the welcome screen. I won't pretend it's clever: there are sure tons of way to achieve that, 90% of them being largely proof-tested and documented. I just needed one version that works for my own development, so I won't even look at automake or $CVS or whatsoever. A grep|head|sed> oneliner just makes it.

Avec un peu de chance, je ne perdrai plus mon temps, dans la suite du projet sur DS, à tenter de deviner si j'ai bien la dernière version d'un de mes outils sur ma DS quand je repère un bug. Je viens de remodifier les sources de LEDS, SEDS et AnimEDS pour qu'ils annoncent automatiquement la "version svn" qui a servi à les compiler (bon, ça marchera surtout si je fais un commit avant de faire le "make all install" ;). Pas particulièrement propre, sûrement pas original, et même pas repompé d'un truc préexistant. Bricolé en 1/2 heure. Mais je sens que ça va être drôlement utile.

Allez, ciao. Je vous en montre plus dès que j'ai réussi à faire passer mon commit à travers ce firewall à 2 balles.

edit: there's a danger that remains: when I re-build one of the projects, I may miss to re-build libgeds or runme first on that platform, which could lead to some features not to work properly. That just happened with "wfcWindow::restore()" that wasn't called for some odd vtable-linking messy reason.

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