Friday, September 03, 2010

What's Next, Charlie ?

Pas de panique, je n'ai pas oublié que je n'en ai pas fini avec Apple Assault. Je suis juste tellement overbooké que j'ai du mal à organiser mes loisirs ne serait-ce que pour finir les quelques pixels et les malheureuses lignes de codes de l'écran du bas :P

Don't worry: the "fireworks-of-topics" of this week doesn't mean I'm dropping Apple Assault. I just need to wait a bit more so that my hobby time can get sufficiently "organised" again to allow homebrew dev'ing. Meanwhile, I'm musing, peeking and poking. And collecting ideas and todo list for longer term actions, like :

  • [LEDS, done] fix reversed logic on "pop up meta-tiles widgets"
  • [SEDS, done] allow flood fill in 16x16 mode as well
  • [done] implement mega-punch.
  • [done] game running on MAIN screen, hud on SUB screen.
  • [runme, wish] bring in 3D model viewing.
  • [ntxm, wish] investigate support for volume/panning envelopes.
  • [LEDS, done] ship biokid.spr and make a first public release
  • [SEDs, done] make a new release with the improved things.
  • [done] support control of music (jump-to-pattern, load new module, schedule-next-pattern) from GameScript and "external actions".
  • [GEDS] limit scope of external actions, recycle action numbers.
  • [GEDS] allow state initialisation expressions.
  • [done] inter-level effects.
  • [done] start a first prototype for the animation editor.
  • [thinking] Define new candidates for GEDS features (land-on-slope ? falling bridge ? ladders & ropes ? ...)
  • Investigate that *very* annoying turn-to-right bug

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