Sunday, November 27, 2011

Level Editor for DS : 0.1

Nous y voilà enfin: mon éditeur de niveaux disponible au téléchargement, avec les bugs corrigés, même si l'interface reste assez expérimentale. Avec en prime deux tilesets Creative Common pour vos petits tests: "generic.spr" par Surt (CC-BY-SA) et "frogatto-dirt.spr" (CC0) par Guido Bos. Amusez-vous bien, les tifous: la version française du tutoriel est en construction sur le fil "dev-fr". Huzzah! At last, you've got it. My long-delayed Level Editor for Nintendo DS (LEDS) is at last available for download with some sample tilesets to toy with ^_^. Thanks fly to Surt and Guido Bos for releasing their game art under creative-common license on OpenGameArt. The software is still a bit rough on the angles, so make sure you've got the tutorial page displayed on some screen when you'll use it for the first time(s)... and now ...

Go create!
Features that I still wish to see appearing in a future release (check back this post for UI mock-up):
  • [hint] provide a way to change "type of tile" when editing the meta-layer, without requiring on-map display. (we have the whole ABXY buttons disabled in that mode, right ?)
  • flipped tiles that also work in "copy" mode
  • area manipulation (overlays?)
  • map size edition (crop, extend)
  • map sketching (zoomed-out drawing)
  • map radar widget
  • multi-palette support on the BG layer (needs SEDS coordination)
  • [done] more robust monster edition mode.
  • wizard for .cmd file generation
  • use the ARGV protocol to quick-load a map from runMe *at a specific position*.


Nathan said...


PypeBros said...

hey, nathan. Thanks for the back-link. Please note however that LEDS is not quite a tileset editor ... that is, it uses the tilsets "read only" and produce .map files that indicates which tile to put where.

Nathan said...

Okay, no problem, I will change it. How would you best describe it, then?

PypeBros said...

well, it's a tile-based map editor, fitting the larger project of creating your own levels for video games.

I also note that you've missed the Neoflash-submitted "Apple Assault" game, on, btw.

Nathan said...

Sorry for the late reply, I was a bit busy. I've fixed it now.

Thanks, I'll add those to our download centre now. I fear it's a bit late for a news post now, though. If you come up with a new version one day, I'll gladly make a post about it.