Thursday, April 08, 2010


Bon, bin voilà. J'ai l'affichage des zones de collisions et j'ai du coup pu mettre le doigt sur le problème observé avec les Applemen qui a motivé tout ça. En bleu, la zone "fragile" de Bilou, en vert sa zone d'attaque. En rouge, la zone d'attaque de l'Appleman et en bleu clair sa propre zone "fragile". Pour pouvoir assommer l'Appleman, il faut que vert et bleu-clair se recouvrent sans que bleu et rouge ne se touchent. Le carré bleu clair au milieu de la zone d'attaque de l'appleman est évidemment une erreur dans le script du jeu ...

Well, here we go. Collision areas are displayed, updated as I proceed with step-by-step detection and coloured depending on their role. Blue is Bilou's weak zone, green is Bilou's attack zone. Red is monster attack and cyan is monster weakspot. Only 4 zones can be shown at once with InspectorWidget, so you've got to click the "a" and "p" of the appropriate monster to trigger the correct display ... that's still manual. You also have to "guess" who's who using monsters coordinates and state number.

I bet i could keep improving the UI, put coordinates in smaller font around the sprites, and have the sprites of the monsters shown in the "boxes" as on the sketch'up. But who'd care ? I pin-pointed the bug that made the applemen so hard to defeat: with the "weak spot" (cyan) in the middle of the "attack area" (red), how could I possibly stomp it without having Bilou (blue) entering that attack area ? That's only possible if Bilou's speed is high enough, etc. I think I'll rather fix *that* instead, and then keep on working towards either Nuts'n'Bolts or Apple Assault project.

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