Thursday, February 06, 2020

Attempting to reference a deleted function

Now, all of sudden, the C++ compiler decides to make copies of my exception class before throwing it. Well, apparently, it is allowed to do so. But for some other reason, that very same C++ compiler (wasn't gcc this time) decided that my classes shouldn't receive a default copy constructor, and complains that "my" code is "attemtpy to reference a deleted function" when throwing the exception.

Oh well.

Most of the code isn't new, and it has compiled with this very compiler with these very flags just an hour ago. But while working on it, I suddenly changed at least one thing: I made it so that all the arguments of the constructor for the base class (the one complaining) are now constants. I suspect that Mr-Smart-C++ decided that my code would be happy to have one CustomException in .rodata with the corresponding fields compile-time-ready and that it would then copy that into the area allocated for ExtendedException (child class) instead of "constructing" a new one from scratch.

Now, why wouldn't it create a default copy constructor ? Well, I introduced something new in the class, that is a std::stringstream. And it turns out this one has a 'deleted' copy constructor... this apparently propagates and makes the containing class considering it should flag the copy constructor as deleted as well.

Just when you thought you had mastered the language. Welcome to Wonderland ...

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