Friday, November 16, 2018

rez x-factor 2

Let this be my official "I love (idea I have of) the demoscene" post. (better late than sorry)

back in '96, demoscener REZ wrote a stunning .mod track featuring about 1'30" of chiptune within 3x64 lines of 5
-track (amiga-compatible?) patterns ... He did so by pushing the use of loop commands to an extreme. I love that spirit of taking something that was meant to work within some constraints and pushing it far out of its limits.

He also used very pleasing waveforms (reminding me of Namco's wavetables), of 16 to 64 bytes plus a few larger (300 and 700 bytes) drums. The result is a stunning 8.8K chiptune. Of course, by now, we have 4K compos with songs twice the lenght, but REZ did it without requiring a custom player. Chapeau.

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cyborgjeff said...

Bah, il ne me dit rien ce morceau !?
Et je ne vois pas non plus ce que tu appelles "bande audio à la Namco"