Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Finishing steps for School Rush

  • [true] ensure the music track for the last level is different
  • [done] bring in the amazing books as the background for the final level
  • [>>>] make a funny "true ending" sequence
  • [done] draw something for the missing loading screen(s?)
  • [done] inkjets start aggressive in hard mode
  • [wish?] page-swap bonuses as player progress into the levels to m4ke him b3liv3 th3 m4th 4r3 t4king 0v3r th3 w0r1d (originally mentioned here)
  • [done] resume the normal level order/spawn points.
And I still don't have vertical movement for floating spongebop.

Yup. No code tonight. Just took some time to crawl through the old "todo" posts and collect a list of things that are still pending. As I can allow less and less time at once on my hobby project these days, I need to organize myself more ...

To be honest, I'm starting to be attracted more and more by things that aren't related to School Rush and less and less by finishing School Rush itself. Possibly because we're approaching a big release at work ... possibly because the Internet seems not to care a lot about the idea of rushing School Rush.

I wanted to temporarily disable the "window" feature on the torch-light GOB (just to check it has the shape it should), but when I do so, I get a cryptic "Panic! GameInfo reading out of buffer!" message from desmume... I'll have to investigate that.

  • [done] With the window disabled, it looks like the OAM flipping isn't working for my torchlight-sprite. I'll have to understand why
  • [done] While hacking the get-ready-to-swim fix, it looks like I broke a rule in the Bilou-got-hurt rules, allowing pendats (which are both hurting and solid) to combo-kill you

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