Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Sketching on Boox

La première prise en main de l'application "prise de notes" de mon nouvel Onyx Boox n'avait pas franchement été convainquante... arrêter son traît au bon endroit, viser un emplacement avec le stylet ... tout ça est plus complexe que ça ne le devrait. La faute à mon avis à l'absence de compensation de l'inclinaison du stylet.

Starting to draw with my "Boox" was a bit disappointing. Whatever I could try with stylus calibration, there was still a significant offset between the contact point of the stylus tip and the actual drawing point. I bet better tilting support in the software (or hardware?) would have avoided that, but that's not something I can improve. Hard to stop at the right place on a rectangle's corner. Harder to make a circle (or whatever else) at a precise spot ... and almost impossible to make an arrow >_<

Du coup, quoi qu'on fasse avec la fonction "calibrage", le point de contact du stylet avec la surface et le point où l'encre change de couleur ne coïncide pas.

Difficile du coup de faire de beaux rectangles ou  (encore plus ennuyeux) des flèches. Difficile aussi de dessiner des p'tits Bilous dans le coin d'une explication. Ou de faire du dessin type "ligne claire".

I usually love to have small Bilou / Bouli talking and illustrating a technical chat... That will be difficult to do here. It usually requires to draw at small scale, a single line, Tintin-style. And that works terribly bad with the imprecisions of the Boox "Notes" application. 
But hopefully, lining up multiple lines and writing works naturally well. 

The good news, however, is that if I'm just sketching at a scale of 5-7 cm, striking over again and again to make the lines more defined gives some quite interesting results. Not really suitable for artwork either, but creating quite acceptable sketches.

Par contre, le style "repasser sur les lignes, plus nerveux, plus "esquisse" ne donne pas trop mal.

edit: for those who're curious about it, Onyx documents its scrible interface on github.

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