Thursday, September 07, 2017

Doxygen on Onyx

I don't exactly know what I have changed, but using the "Neo Reader" application on the Boox today, my doxygen-to-epub-through-calibre file now renders as expected. I thought that could be linked to the disabling of "cache reflow bitmap" cryptic option in the advanced settings (see the small icon pointed by the stylus on the picture), but re-enabling it doesn't change anything (or it only has an effect when restarting the application ?)

Qu'est-ce que j'ai changé ? Je n'en sais plus trop rien. J'ai "torturé" le morceau de code qui apparaissait dans la version e-pub de mon blog pour essayer de trouver ce qui faisait la différence entre un rendu correct (white-space: pre-wrap ? utilisation de
<pre>plutôt que <div>? de <tt> plutôt que <span>?

Rien n'a semblé avoir d'effet. Puis ce midi, en jetant un coup d'oeil à mon code converti par doxygen et calibre, surprise! tout est impecablement rendu.

Plus de numéro de lignes indésirables, changements de polices, traitement correct des espaces ... tout y est.

Est-ce que ça vient du réglage "cache reflow bitmap" que j'avais changé ? difficile à dire. Le désactiver ne semble pas avoir d'effet immédiat, mais ils auraient pu omettre de dire qu'il fallait redémarrer l'application ...

One major drawback, though: Neo Reader application is the only one for which I find no way to hop back to the place I was before following a link in the epub document. And that will make navigation extremely annoying, I'm afraid.
Neo Reader v2.0 had nice backtracking feature, and that one gets interesting behaviour on my test epub document.
  • When using <span> or <div> with the CSS classes associated with working 'code-style' elements, nothing happens
  • When using <pre> or <tt> with the same elements, code is rendered as it should (as printed on dot-matrix ;-)
  • The style applied to "English section" (using <en>) doesn't go italic, while emphasis directly using <i> in the French part goes italic.
  • skipping CSS classes altogether has no impact (given that you're using
    pre/tt tags)
  • embedding the whole stuff in "blockquote" doesn't seem to have much effect
  • trying to use tables with colspan and some cells containing only a few whitespaces failed miserably. I think all cells are just sitting in a vertical list, not laid out on a table at all. 

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