Sunday, July 02, 2017

The secret exit

Le niveau-tour ? je n'y ai pas vraiment touché ces derniers jours. Par contre, j'ai enfin "débloqué" la manière d'y accéder. Ou mettre les indices pour l'énigme, quelle sera cette énigme, et aussi mettre ça en place.

I think I found the way to do it now. I have an enigma on the last level, a clue on the credits if you take the "easy" exit about what you could do to break that "reincarnations circle", and the code to make it work. It could be better, especially in that it is not because we manage to be fast that we unlock the final level in a name dubbed "School Rush". There is a tussle in my mind on whether I should post a few pixels about it or to keep it truly secret as a rewards for those who will finish the game. So far the "keep it secret" side is winning.

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