Friday, May 13, 2016

The SP case.

Himmel, I hate those sect cases. If they want to reach enlightenment, I can offer them a small estate where the light on the ceiling never turns off. I got one at the office. But the clue my informant Gilles dropped me leaves no doubt about it. The meditating guru is back, and where he goes, he always leaves a red trail behind.

Of course, he had to be back just we were celebrating the nomination of City's new Release. A promising release in fact. With almost as much guts and balls as I've got guns and bullets. I'm afraid he'll have a though time getting us rid of corruption where he lays. I remember hearing the Chief warning he that he pushed too far. "You are trying to get things too perfect", the Chief said. "But you shouldn't be in such a rush to do it. I'm not sure there is room for so much perfection in our City as it is now."

I'd better be in my bed than chasing the guru's minion in a smelly car. But I can wash my car next week... the City's honour is not likely to wait that long. The younger brother of our fresh Release is already getting media attention, promising to take over the duties of his beloved elder. I knocked Malloc on the door, as usual, but for once he seemed clean. Maybe a bit too clean. I suspect he could have avoided the drama if he felt like moving a mere finger. But you know how Malloc is. Claim that you will do garbage collection to get a clean City, rid of corruption and you know he will stare and wait for you to collect yourself.

I tried to hook on Noda, too. He's been seen on riots against the Devkit's establishment with his anti-ARGV claims, free-EFS for all and so on. He used to hang around on the docks. Looks like he now hangs. Period. The guru again ? Perhaps. But the murderer forgot something behind, this time. There was some pointer showing that Mr. Stack has been breaking away his parole. He shouldn't have moved any further than 16K from his home, in 3e' block of district B, and here he was, at 0xAFFFF58. I'm pretty sure if I get my hands on him, he'll sing.

Either that, or I'll find a place where I could find another bottle.

tout ça pour faire un clin-d'oeil à Gilles pour avoir attiré mon attention sur un couac que j'ai laissé passer. Avec une mémoire de seulement 16Ko pour la pile, y ajouter une copie des 6 maps (un peu moins de 2Ko chacune) destinées à l'écran de statut, c'était une mauvaise idée. Faire une release sans avoir re-testé l'ensemble sur le vrai hardware encore plus. Comme quoi, les jours d'optimisations de la NES ne sont pas encore complètement obsolètes


Sylvain Pypebros said...

So this is how the (sacred) -cow executable in SchoolRush-cow had to be replaced just because I've been a bit too -lazy just before releasing.

gilles said...

si je peux aider à libérer cette ville de l'emprise de ces voyous....