Thursday, May 05, 2016

Its all sketched in the book!

early bugs to be caught.
Don't you dare thinking I'm using the BmxExcuse to pause School Rush development near completion once again. Here's the proof: a few more lines of code (with plenty of hard-coded magic values to bridge with the game logic and assets, I confess) and I get those illustrations on the bottom book updating as Bilou gets and loses power-ups. Even better: as she picks up bladors, the player is hinted that she could throw them at pendats, which is the way to get power-ups. 

Now all I have to do is to switch to that bookmark-health-bar because the raising black rectangle ridiculously obscures now-crucial gameplay feedback.

N'allez pas vous imaginer que j'utilise une autre excuse-de-BMX pour ne pas fignoler School Rush! J'attendais juste un moment un peu plus calme où je ne serais pas occupé à faire des trous dans les murs. C'est tout. Et nous y voilà justement, avec un sympathique changement d'illustrations pour guider le joueur dans son aventure et le renseigner rapidement sur les mouvements possibles.

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