Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kirby Kid's advice: Where's my momentum ?

I've been expecting Kirby Kids "tuning list" like a kid expecting his birthday, checking my mailbox every now and then until I finally got his feedback on the two-level edition of "Bilou: rush to completion". I've got many items to review, so I won't try to give you all of that at once, but I'll rather reveal them once at a time as I address them.My major action point here will be to harmonize things.

input, moving

If there's a run button it either needs to be a dash like MegaManX or a constant state like Super Mario. Having to repress the button every landing and every turn around is annoying.
Where is my momentum going [related to air control]? Sometimes I get to move forward smoothly and continue moving. Other times jumping off of things and even landing kills all my momentum. Momentum is so very important in a game like this especially because the movement and fall speed is very slow/floaty.

Well, funny enough, there *is* a Super Mario constant state running: the R button. But the most straightforward way to RUN -- double-tapping the DPAD -- indeed works weirdly. Anyway, whether you activate it with a double tap on the DPAD or holding the R button shouldn't matter: the mechanic should work the same. Why has my mind so far accepted that people using double-tap dash should get a more annoying RUN than people holding the R button, who would keep constant speed upon landing ? Meditate on that I will. Meanwhile, I'll fix the code so that you can keep running as you land even with the double-tap.

I will have some more tuning on the "thrown up" move, I guess. I thought it would be nice to restrict how much control you have over your trajectory when you take big air with a pink-bumper or a inkjet. That stresses the player to gain momentum first (on the ground), jump, and then bounce to clear the jump. It was already a tricky thing to achieve in the anniversary level, but it apparently turns into a nuisance in this game.

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