Sunday, July 20, 2014

DLODs for runme.

Scribbled notes on how to extend runme tool with a way to import plug-ins (or Dynamically-Loadable Object Directories -- DLODs) that would contain a set of controller, guns and effects required for a given game. So far, changing some of Bilou's behaviour require that you recompile controllers.cxx, which in turns mean that you also need to re-compile runme if you want it to work with your new code. I'd like instead that the map file indicating where the support code entry points are so that we can have DLODs that are statically-linked to work with one instance of runme, and loaded at a specific location in the DS's 4MB of RAM.

That's on my secret todo-list for about 7 years, but that won't be for this summer.

In a similar approach, I'd like a gobscript-to-c++ compiler that would replace run-time parsing of the script with build-time generation of a series of constructor/setters or static data.

Dinner Time. See ya.

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