Thursday, November 28, 2013

Let's get Z !

How about going crazy and sampling the support of 3D in my current game engine? I don't mean adding a 3D world nor even so-called 2.5D (2D motion in 3D display as in Relminator's last submissions), but simply the use of 3D hardware to render things such as pendats body, swinging ropes or falling books (much like in NSMB, actually).

After checking my version of desmume (0.9.6, custom build) had support for 3D, I'm merging some NEHE tutorial with my core loop to start some video resource management here and there... and it looks like I'll have somewhat work to make them integrate seamlessly, as I lost all my extended palettes (hence the all-black sprites) and likely the "owl background" in the process.

Quel est donc ce trio de triangles qui semblent avoir volé toutes les couleurs du monde de Bilou ?? Eh bien ce sont les 3D qui ne s'interfacent pas encore très bien (hum ... euphémisme ? ^^") avec le reste du moteur de jeu. Comme le mode 3D a ses propres interfaces, il me faudra quelques soirées en plus avant de commencer à avoir quelque-chose d'exploitable, sans doute.

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