Thursday, October 03, 2013

3 days late

Both pendats and verso may be stunned with bladors, although the feedback is very minimal right now (but funny). I fixed the "inkjet teleporter" issue and I'm trying mostly-harmless spongebops.
Yet, I don't like *at all* those "aouch, ZLIST errors" message I get now in runme >_< (the fix for 130 OAMs in runME wasn't propagated to the svn ^^") ... good news is that it only happens with RunME (again!)

I also got my concept sketch for the welcome/tutorial screen and a nice idea to motivate players to hunt for the bonuses hidden in the level.

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PypeBros said...

I might have use for momentum past copycoords, and copycoords that fires an event when the distance becomes too large.