Wednesday, October 02, 2013

2 days late

Making sure Blador can be used as a weapon, cleaning level ... that shall be done. Quite amusingly, the fact that a testpoint is still needed for monsters because they will FAIL to walk on ground only when they've advanced *past* the last pixel of the structure they're walking on also means that I can set a second test point *deeper* in the ground and force the monster to turn back before encountering "fragile" ground that is only 1 solid-tile-high ... or as in the case of the introductory pendat, artificially introduce "fragile ground" here and there to confine him.

I located and fixed the root cause of "disappearing monsters due to excessive load on the GPU", which was actually only present in runME, and not in the game engine or the game data ^^".

If I manage to find some time tonight, I shall code the reaction of pendats and rectoverso to thrown bladors. Is Cyril right thinking that a Spongebop shouldn't hurt Bilou ? Give me your feeling on the poll before the demo is out!

Poll Outcome: 100% (4 person) voted for SpongeBop that doesn't hurt, but merely bops you away.

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