Monday, November 05, 2012

throwing bladors

I can be glad I'm done with the "bottom things" of my summer todo list. Now the winter is starting, and what is left is what is more linked to the game logic and the revised collision engine which is waiting to prove its superior capabilities with some dumblador stunning and throwing.

De temps en temps, ça fait du bien de retourner à une "liste de choses à faire" pour s'assurer que le projet avance effectivment. Bon, des "todo lists", vous devez tout doucement commencer à en avoir une indigestion, mais je parle ici de quelque-chose qui s'approche plus d'un "planning" que des micros-tâches à effectuer sur un temps de midi. Mon dernier planning datait de mi-juin ... voyons où on en est... tous les éléments "du bas" ont été satisfaits, à grand renfort de mises à jour de SEDS et AnimEDS. Je vais donc pouvoir cet hiver attaquer sérieusement les nouveaux types d'interactions entre personnages: assomer, attraper, balancer.

On dirait que les mois à venir vont être durs, chez les Dumbladors.

At those "milestones", I can close many former todo lists, by collecting in a new one the items that remains pending but that weren't really linked to the then-going activities. And yes, this is truly a milestone, since I now have fully operational CompoundGobs, including the definition of palettes for individual limbs (altering the palette while playing the animation will be for a next milestone :P)

  • [done] looping move should only be generated for looping animations
  • [done] initial Mx,y statement should be ignored by the game engine (actually, everything that delays the rendering of the first frame of the animation should be skipped). That will partly solve the "landing bug".
  • [todo] most of blador's debugging could have been avoided if we had the state-initialisation expression feature implemented.
  • [done] not detaching an attached GOB when "throwing" it may have weird effects, but I would have liked the display list to be re-ordered so that such side-effects wouldn't have systematically occured.

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