Friday, November 30, 2012

où est mon crayon ?

I guess I should have kept Google+ and blogger accounts separated, but for some reasons, I wanted to open the circles of "readers" for this blog, and I thought enabling g+ would have been the good way.

But all of sudden the little "pencils" and "wrenches" icons that let me edit the content easily got lost.

Hopefully enough, I'm not tool-less to investigate such annoyances. First, Firefox 10 comes with the ability to inspect elements: with just a right-click, I can open the inspector mode (Q) and explore the content of the web page much more efficiently than source exploration would have offered. it's a ... neat. It has display:none because of an obscure rule in 1937454905-widget_css_bundle.css ...

I guess I shouldn't have tried to enable "share post" buttons on a layout as custom as mine, but I did. Since the problem only occurs on one machine (and since it's not affecting anyone than myself), I can take local action: somewhere in $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/*/chrome/, there's a file dubbed userContent.css that allows overriding of CSS properties at will. I can then say that

.item-control { display: inline !important; }

And that will show the icons back. Well, it's a bit extreme: it shows icons on any blogs, including thoses where I have no edition rights. And it might do other things on other webpages as well. I could have used a @document domain( to work that around, but unfortunately, G has also decided not so long ago that the webpage I'd visit would depend on the country I'm in. When visiting torino, I'd end up on in no time, with my rules (potentially) not applying anymore.

So I hope I can come back with a real explanation and a fix soon ... I'll have to live with that hack running in-between.

'nuf said. Back to dumblador throwing. I need to ensure we don't grab some when we're carrying some.

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