Wednesday, August 03, 2011

now to the horizontal scrolling ...

Hello, there. If you missed the english translation on my former post, Sonic Camera Management, it's now done. The new scrolling is implemented and works fairly well for the vertical direction. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as well for horizontal scrolling.

The reason is that Bilou is not moving at the speed of 1px/frame but rather 2px every 2 frames, to match the animation speed. Former platformers would typically have running characters instead, since they are more flexible. When running, it's easier to make it so that (animation) frames where a feet is in contact with the ground only last for 1 (screen) frame. Well. Anyway. The result is that right now, the horizontal scrolling is not smooth anymore, but rather "pushed a bit" at every step, then it sits back, then pushed again. Ugly. I need a mixture of the two techniques, which means a bit more code hacking.

Youpie. J'ai donc un chouette scrolling vertical bien plus professionnel. Hélas, trois fois hélas, le scrolling horizontal en a pris pour son grade. Que je m'explique. Bilou se déplace de 2 pixels tous les 1/30eme de secondes alors que le jeu tourne à 60Hz. Il reste donc 2 "coups" de jeu au même endroit bien qu'ayant une vitesse moyenne de 60px/seconde. Le hic, c'est que si j'applique la politique "le personnage pousse l'écran en quittant la zone neutre du scrolling", eh bien, mon scrolling ne bouge plus qu'à 30Hz, 2 pixels à la fois. Et ça, c'est assez moche et nauzéeux. Bref, il faut que je passe à une approche hybride qui combine le nouveau scrolling vertical et l'ancien scrolling horizontal ... soit encore un peu plus de bricolage sur iCamera :P

... and well ... I will need to build a place where I can test things with the full-quality pixel art ... not restricted to that "open-source 8-bit" color reduction thingy :P

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