Tuesday, January 04, 2011

dsgametools todo list

La nouvelle année semble un bon moment pour refaire le tour de ma "todo list" ... surtout combiné au fait que je viens de changer de devkit et que tous mes programmes (runme, seds, leds) auront besoin d'un brin de polish pour fonctionner sans hics dans ce nouvel environnement. Et pourquoi pas commencer par cet éditeur d'animation qui reste dans les cartons depuis si longtemps ? ...

Looks like shortening my todo-list could be a good #1 new year resolution (as far as homebrew deving is concerned. Fixing the dishwasher of course has higher priority ;)
Right now, the "animation editor" is receiving some more attention, but sprite and level editors will need some polish to work flawlessly with the new-and-improved devkitpro. I'd like to have a sketchy prototype of it by end of march, but Q1 is likely to be fairly intense at work :P

non-square sprites (32x40, 32x48), flood fill for 16x16 grid, more tileset storage areas, complete palette edition mode, release
meta-tiles buttons bug, gobno bug, cursor bug, easier meta-tile edition, some more release (w/ biokid levels), copy/paste/save of areas, map resizing
3D model viewer, text editor, debugging r32
improved vertical scrolling, limit scope of external actions, state initialisation expressions, slope landing, and many more.

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