Friday, April 13, 2007


i see _many_ people searching for filetransfer utilies over WiFi for the DS. I have been too, and i have been disappointed by dsftp tool (see other post). One of my homebrew project is to allow such file transfers, not over FTP but something simpler, more adapted to the wireless handheld nature of the DS.
The initial project was 'runME': receive .nds file over wifi and execute it, but that might get dangerous ... and that's not what i'd like to do for first tests. I then sought i could beam palettes for my sprite editor, but again, it turned out to be simpler just to write down a trivial palette editor :P

Transferring snapshots and other PCX images over Wifi and later unpack them to screen for a grabbing application could be more interesting, though... less dangerous too (transfer and file saving is decoupled), easy to handle (64K limit for a PCX file to be displayed by the DS is fair), and useful (atm. i need to recompile the grabber if i want to grab from new pictures).

That won't be for the next month, but i'll try to work it out during summer times.

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