Monday, March 26, 2007

Low Battery ...

It's unusual enough to see my mum behind a computer screen ... No need to tell you that she truly amazed me by being the first one to score over 1000 points at Apple Rumble on my DS this Sunday. Man, not only she played a video game for the second time in 20 years, but she mastered it in no time and she could blew any of my brother's score in a matter of one or two attempts -- which make my brother try even harder to beat her again.

I was far from thinking that a game that's so simple would meet such a success in my family.

This little duel has completely drained the power out of my DS so that i'm now forced to pause development until my new house is tidied up enough so that i can locate back my charger (and that's probably a good thing).


Anonymous said...

MDR :) Bon rangement alors :)

Anonymous said...

ah c'est ca que que tu t'inquiétais tant de ne plus avoir de batterie !!! ;p

PypeBros said...

@cj: même pas: je ne savais pas que je ne savais pas où mon chargeur était.

J'avais juste un peu peur de la réaction possible de maman si le jeu s'éteignait brusquement alors qu'elle était sur le point de battre son record.

PypeBros said...

FYI, i finally found my charger back and could show the game to my workmates, which were enjoyed by the stuff too.

Since they're virtually all IT engineers, they also came with tons of improvements, suggestions on gameplay, timing, delays and recommendations such as "your game would be better if you properly seed the pseudo-random generator" ^_^

Local highest score is Cyril with 1005 pts, which makes my bros (1016) and my mum (1030) scores still unbeaten.