Saturday, December 31, 2005

mybrew (t.a.g.)

You've reached the last post in the "mybrew" thread.

These post present the software development and releases I've been through on the Nintendo DS. That captures everything about the sprite editor, the level editor and the animation editor that I intend to use for building Bilou's adventure, plus the Multi-purpose transfer-and-testing tool dubbed 'runme' and (of course), all the demo games that fill the gaps until the future Grand Release, such as Apple Rumble, apple assault and the other gedsdemo :P

It may miss some mere coding or documenting posts, and is wider than just the milestones. It doesn't cover the projects that haven't started yet such as Deep Ink Pit, although it has received a codename and a gameplay target.

Although all this software is homebrew (and open-source, btw), the 'homebrew' tag is for other's software on discussed on this blog.

Somehow, it would be a shame to keep that for myself. If I'm right, it would be as good as having a game maker for NDS on the NDS. I started a tutorial series on github to share the knowledge of how to use my homebrew engine. The first layer is a framework of compilation scripts (Makefile) together with low-level libraries (including a modified version of 0xtob music player. Well, everything needed to get a first program built and running.

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