Saturday, December 31, 2005

indie (t.a.g.)

You've reached the last post about indie games.

This was the collection of posts that relate to somebody else's creation of what I see as "grown up garage games", where games are made along the creator's own vision of what is fun without trying to stick to pre-established rules. That used to represent a large fraction of games produced back in the MS-DOS and C-64 era, and it looks nowadays as a kind of protected minority :P

I do not try to cover that extensively, as this is not the main purpose of this blog, but some of those games become inspiring or reference point for my own game/level/monster design experiments and thoughts.

I also draw a line between "indie" (which usually happens on systems with (freely?) available, official development kits) and "homebrew" (which uses some underground, community maintained development kits on platforms where this was not intended by vendors).

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