Saturday, December 31, 2005

history (t.a.g.)

you've reached the last history post.

These posts present the development of games that pre-date this blog, digs of old paperwork on ancient machines. This is not only nostalgia, which would also encompass games of those times which I enjoyed and similar things. It's wider than the sole development of the story line for Bilou's Adventure and captures a lot of other "PPP Team" games & tools.

Some milestones:

  • 1989: first hand on the Great Giana Sisters and first "quarters" into a Super Mario Bros arcade machine.
  • 1990 : Playing Rick Dangerous at the computer store roughly every week. Planning a cover of "le Labyrinthe d'Errare" on C64 (Role-playing Book)
  • 1991: First platformer project on my 8086 computer while my brother discovers Blues Brothers (titus) and Commander Keen (ID software)
  • 1992 : Super Mario World arrives in Europe.
  • Fall '93 : first Bilou projects
  • Easter '94: I buy VGA graphics and 8-bit PCM sound for my 80386 computer. I want to make a Z:LA clone on PC.
  • 1995 : RSD Game Maker year, launching the Badman series. (Rayman is released in Q4)
  • Summer '96: the last one with a working C64 around, replaced by a Pentium 120MHz, my first machine with a CD-ROM reader. On my quest for an assembly module player. I can now play Rayman!
  • Fall '97: Done with PC-Bot, my first major C program. First steps on Internet, starting the Ultimate Game Maker research.
  • Winter '98: Upgrading the pentium into AMD K6-II, demoscene-ready. Teaching myself C++ for the first time.
  • Summer '99: Crazy Brix converted into 100K game for Inscene
  • Summer Y2K: Out'm'up, my last game for the PC platform. 
  • 2001: first hand on a PSX system.
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