Friday, August 03, 2018

Rolling Random Number.

I decided to map every known token of the GobExpressions onto the ASCII charset some other day. And it struck me that there was a pattern like "upper case for mostly side-effect actions" and "lower case for mostly functional actions". To some extent, the 'x' being used to call eXtra functions such as spawning new game objects, triggering sound effects and the like should be replaced by X. Tracking that in all the command files won't be trivial, though.

It could be tempting to use S(for score) as a function since we have i(ncrement counter) and d(ecrement counter), but unlike game counters, the score cannot be read again. It's more a side effect to change it than really some functional extension to the core arithmetics.

So where should "roll a dice to get a random number" go ? likely 'r'. What should be used to "get/set game state bit %n". That could be 'g' and 's'. Pretty handy map.

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