Sunday, July 26, 2015

Concept art : pyramid zone

C'est plus calme à la maison... j'en profite pour faire un peu de "concept art" pour la pyramide qui essaie de se trouver une identité propre et un gameplay. Le clin d'oeil à Fury semble enfin avoir trouvé sa place dans l'aventure de Bilou ... Voyons si pharaoh's curse peut m'apporter un peu d'inspiration.

There is definitely something odd with this huge, pyramidal building Bilou and Bouli found in the desert. Not only runes start to shine on monoliths, not only some cage change the color of those square-shaped beings that seem to have the power to open doors and move blocks around, but there are also those furballs all around the place. Not that our B dudes seems to complain, but it looks like some of them shouldn't be where they are.

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