Friday, April 15, 2011


Hey! Regardez: c'est Rayman ... reconstitué sur l'écran de la DS. Il y a encore un paquet de choses à régler, mais c'est la première compilation de mon éditeur d'animations qui permet de positionner les différents "membres" sur l'écran! Wouhouu!

Howdy! It works! It's still for sure full of bugs and needs a lot of polish and fixups, but for the very first time, it works: I can drag the different limbs of rayman to actually make it look ... like Rayman! No idea how long it will still take for release 0.1, but it's über-motivating, for sure ^_^

  • [done]refernce position should be the *center* of the limb
  • [fixed]moving a limb above the area will hide it definitively
  • fix the "selection hit" area
  • [done]double-sized frame editor
  • [done]enable selection of an alternate sprite for the limb.
  • [done]save frame and edit the next one.
  • [done]visual confirmation of the selected limb
  • [wish]preview animations by sweeping the timeline (?)
  • [done]actual thumbs on the timeline
  • [done]1x animation preview
  • [done]buttons for flipping limbs
  • [done]arrows to move to the previous/next frame
  • [done]arrows to precisely set limbs
  • ensure there's no collision between sprites for timeline and sprites for other widgets.

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