Thursday, August 12, 2010

AppleAssault : 98% done

  • [done] level maps
  • [done] soundtrack
  • [done] punch behaviour
  • [done] instruction screen
  • [done] credits
  • [done] game over
  • [done] game state display
  • [done] one-file packaging
  • [done] compute score
  • [wish] reward style with 1UPs
  • [wish] funghi-applemen interaction
  • [done] check "damned-jump" bug disappeared
  • [done] mario-compatible jump = A ; punch = B
  • [done] try appleassault.nds on real hardware
  • [wish] random level ordering
  • [done] investigate buggy background screen.
  • [done] fix buggy background screen
  • [mouais] sound effects
  • [done] remove "state xxx !SET" and similar debug message
  • [done] remove the "ghost appleman" of level 1
  • [wish] home/visitor highscores.
PS : vous vous demandez sans doute "si ça, c'est 98%, à quand remonte le 2%". Excellente question. Pas à l'introduction du nom, en tout cas, ni même à la proposition de l'objectif du jeu. Je dirais plus volontiers qu'il s'agit des premiers tests avec l'appleman aggressif (qui vous saute dessus quand il vous voit), donc début août 2009. Quoi que ce serait déjà plus 10%.

Maybe you find it odd that I claim this is 98% ... 98% of what ? when was 50% when was 0%. I'm not fully sure, of course, but I'd say we started moving towards AppleAssault when applemen started to attack Bilou in the green zone, that is, when I implemented detection of Bilou's position to trigger behaviour change for the applemen.

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