Saturday, May 22, 2010

Apple Assault : 90% done ?

Okay, code is done and working on real hardware. You can stomp and bounce on applemen, you can "shoot something" when you've bounced enough. And applemen can be respawned, and their number can be dynamically defined. We're definitely getting closer to a "AppleAssault" release.

Oh yeah, I know. You've been hearing that since the start of the month. That's quite typical from a hobby project.

Why ain't I not releasing, then, might you think... Data, that is it. I need a few more things do be done:

Ca se rapproche, ça se rapproche. Ma petite démo ressemble de plus en plus au gameplay prévu pour Apple Assault. Au niveau du code du moteur de jeu, on y est, en fait. Reste une animation par-ci, par-là (coup de poing de Bilou, Appleman projeté ... Twinbee et Bonkers ont accepté de poser pour un résultat plus réaliste). Ensuite, il faudra que je m'attaque à quelques "arènes" pour ces moments épiques.

Note that the level editor is still in a "broken" state (that is, it won't be able to add monsters to a map in its current shape), so I hope this will not prevent me from doing arenas anyway.

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