Thursday, March 28, 2019

nohup NUC

I got a NUC as Christmas gift, and it was more than welcome. I hope to use it as the post-desktop device for plenty of purpose, mostly just by turning it on and interacting with a WiFi-capable gadget...

[done] be the music machine of the living room
It is not too noisy with its fans, gets a jack output and can easily fit next to the HiFi system. I can use the WiFi connection to quickly view which song is being played, skip to the next song and switch between "fairy-lover" or "chiptune-lover" modes, from any device in the house including smartphones and tablets.

I would still need to let it learn which songs are less liked, or migrate some titles to other folders, etc. Preferably in a way that would not take effects immediately, but rather that is approved over ssh after having been collected during play sessions.

[done] make Fairy's laptop devkit-free

Fairy's laptop still has a battery. Mine is now powercord-tied to the ground. Fairy's one has poor resolution but increase mobility, but Fairy's one isn't always there, so it would be better to use it just as a remote terminal to the NUC instead.

[done] let it serve (auto-generated) epub doxygen
That means having it a mercurial hub with improved features. I use to have something like "nohup hg serve --webdir-conf /path/to/hg/hgweb.config -p 5555 &>/dev/null &" at work, where hgweb.config is simply a list of 'printname = full/path/to/repository', where printname may be 'organizational-folder/repository-printname'. It all falls under a [paths] section of an INI file. But I'd like it to try building and generating documentation whenever I push a new set of commits there. The ultimate goal is being able to browse up-to-date code from my boox without having to power up a laptop.

[wish] make it the server for boox-based diagram editing
That will also help integrating all sort of support pictures like screenshots and UML diagrams into the documentation.

[todo] make it download OC Remix updates on a daily/weekly basis

Because having OC remix on the wrong side of the firewall at work is a pain. My "coding music" is an open playlist,
  • and html class pl-video-title-link allows  to identify all the links to the mentioned videos.
  • and there is the page to the remix ( in tags
  • and there is a tag in youtube pages!
So I could have a script that automates download of new OC titles running on the cube...

[todo] enable Androïd development
That will be for when I got it plugged into a wired network again: I don't know whether this is due to the extra disk enclosed in the device, but the WiFi connectivity is a nightmare. I get a few 100Kbps at best ... barely enough to use a remote terminal. I'd rather not start installing big things that way.

[todo] make it a better youtube-on-TV than what the ISP provides in their box

Partly because there is no support for user accounts or playlist of any sort in the box...

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PypeBros said... make it clone repositories I starred automatically ? and serve them as mercurial repos ?