Thursday, October 11, 2018

Amy Zing

It only took Ant a few days to include my little "Amy Zing" sprites into his neat labyrinth crawler homebrew, actually. For some reason, I completely missed it by then (March '18) and only realised that the game was released thanks to some anonymous internet folk who followed a link from simian zombie web site to mine, leaving a mark into the logging system which I tracked backwards to hit the page with the release.

So I grabbed the game, enjoyed it, enjoyed again, tried the various resolutions (normal is my favourite one) and smiled: that was my first ever homebrew collab as a spriter ^_^. And then started to wonder... Could such simple labyrinths work for Bilou, under gravity ?

I traced some of them in a notebook and started to check where I would put collectibles or hazards and why. In a platformer, you shouldn't (imho) try to make your labyrinth with individual blocks, because the player will need some room to manoeuver. If I pick 4x3 Bilou-sized blocks as a "maze cell" (3 blocks being a standard jump height), the maze now scrolls over 4x3 screens. You can no longer plan your move easily with that limited visibility, so you'll end up more often in dead ends and will have to back-track. Hence the rewards and hazards.

And well, Imho, with properly tuned jump distances and some wall-kick mechanics, you might not even need fancy ladders or similar tricks to support those labyrinths.

That's not quite "infinite pyramid", but it could be a nice step towards it.

edit: good news: my 5-year-old J.L.N wasn't afraid of the half-dead monkey and accepted the maze game as something to do when he's bored.

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