Friday, November 17, 2017

most vexing (gobscript) parse

My scripting language is far from perfect, but this one is really the most vexing issue I have encountered so far. I mean, it is hard to debug, counter-intuitive, and it feels more like a question block turned into a thWomp and smashed you. It gave no clue, no warning, you did nothing wrong, but still get smashed.

The core of the issue lies in how collisions are handled:

  • There is always an active "collider" and a passive "collided" object. 
  • collider area is allowed to expand to any size (within int size limits). 
  • collided area will only be checked if the object's boundary box intersected with the active area.

The third constraint comes from performances considerations. But unfortunately, it means if you create a passive area larger than the object's own size, nothing will complain, you will see boxes intersecting, bar no collision will ever occur.

I'll need to take some time to add warnings

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